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About Us

Rebecca is a local Annapolis mom who helps children discover the wonderful world of books. If you haven’t bumped into her getting morning coffee at The Big Bean, you’ve definitely seen her sing and dance at storytime! Rebecca shares how being a Library Associate at Discoveries: Library at the Mall has shifted her perspective of Motherhood.

How are you?

I’m pretty good! My son is almost 18 months old and I stay home with him part time. It’s a perfect balance of time for myself and time with him. He doesn’t sleep very well (still) but we are working on it. My parents and my husband’s are both in the area so that helps.

Did you always know you wanted to be a mom?

I did. I am living my dream!

What have you learned from your children?

I think being a mom has helped me to live more in the moment and appreciate the little things. He grows and changes so fast. I don’t want to miss anything!

What’s the hardest thing about being a mom? 

Finding time to continue pursuing my passions outside of mom life.

What do you feel like is the best part of life with your family? 

Sleeping in on Saturday mornings with my giggly little baby between my husband and I. Bliss!



As a Library Associate, how has that shifted your perspective of Motherhood? 

Working at the library has made me much more aware of the importance of reading to children even when they’re very young. I see the way my son knows how to turn the pages of a board book and I see him looking at the text and pictures and I know that these are important pre-reading skills that he will need to be successful once he gets to school! I have also learned a lot of great toddler dance party songs from work that we play at home often!

We love to support local businesses. What are your favorite local places to:

Get coffee: The Big Bean

Go on a date night: Lewnes’ Steakhouse

Go out for a girls night: Vida Taco Bar

Go out to dinner as a family: Broadneck Grill or O’Loughlin’s

Get your hair done: Levity Hair Studio on Kent Island

Get your nails done: Bella Nail Salon

Have fun as a family: Kinder Farm Park

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