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A.P. Hofleitner

Andreas Peter Hofleitner was born in Wiesen, Austria in 1985. On July 4th, 1999 he left his country of birth with his parents and moved to the United States of America, eventually settling in Annapolis, Maryland.

        In 2010 he graduated with distinction from the United States Naval Academy. The following six years he deployed three times in support of counter-terrorism operations across the globe. In 2012, on his very first deployment, his grandfather, Erich Hofleitner, passed away in Austria. Andreas would not learn of his passing until months later when he returned home from his deployment.

         In 2013 Andreas set out to make his grandfather's last wish come true and began translating the memoirs he had left behind for his children and grandchildren.

        In 2016, after he left active duty service, he selected some of his grandfather's stories and weaved them into the first of a two-series novel.

        Andreas is currently finishing his Masters in International Business at The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy in Medford, Massachusetts.

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